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As we move into the future we are all confronted with the enormity of our plastic waste.  We have all started to re-evaluate what we can do to lighten the load on our environment, and we wanted to play our part so will be doing a series which you can find here on our Garden Journal talking you through some of the things that you can do and use to be more environmentally friendly with your home floristry practices.

Floristry has some practices which have stood the test of time but are now coming under increasing scrutiny which we think is great as it means people are starting to think about the impact about what they use has on our planet.
We will share with you some of the top things that you can use to create your floral masterpieces whilst treading lightly on the environment.

In the first of our Garden Journal posts, you can read about Floral Frogs, what they are and how they can be used in a sustainable way in which to create your floral creations.


These nifty little gadgets were very popular back in the 1920's and 1930's in America and they have records dating back to 1875 about the use of Flower Frogs. What goes around comes around and now these are all coming back into use again!

A few of my Flower Frogs

Puriri Lane | Sustainable Floristry Mechanics | Floral Styling

Some designs such as the Japanese Kenzan which is also known as a spiky frog  are made from a heavy plate with brass needles which you can see two of in the photo above - the name Kenzan means sword mountain and was originally introduced with the advent of Morebana Ikebanain Japan.

Flower frogs were also noted as far back as the16th century in Europe. Many are considered pieces of art, and I have a lovely antique one which you can see below which is dated 1903 and made by Royal Worcester in England making it 118 years old. 

If you have a keen eye you can often find these in op shops which is where I usually get them. They have now become quite sought after and very collectable with some going for very high prices! 

You can shop our floral supplies and Flower Frogs here

My antique Flower Frog | Royal Worcester Made in 1903

Puriri Lane | Antique Royal Worcester | Flower Frog


Some other designs use a number of holes or guides that stems can fit through for creating your arrangement and can be made from glass, lead and ceramics. The metal flower frogs rose in popularity due to the fact that they claimed to save the housewife time and allow her to creatively arrange flowers!

Flower Frogs are solid and great to use for arranging your flowers. You can fix them to the bottom of your vessel with a bit of floral adhesive to keep them firmly in place.  The floral adhesive is a bit like a green version of Blu Tack, so is a great tool to have in your floristry kit. Keep an eye out on our website as we will be getting some of this tape in smaller quantities for home floristry so you don't have to purchase a huge roll of it.


Flower Frogs can also be used for other purposes - I use them for holding pictures - the ones below features postcards from our Cavallini & Co. range, or for holding little information signs in our shop The Potting Shed and they are also great at a BBQ if you are serving individual servings of spiced nuts or you can use them for candy too -  you can see from what I have done below with little Eco Friendly disposable cones.

One of my Flower Frogs that I have used to hold a postcard

Puriri Lane | Flower Frog | Picture Holder

Flower Frog - Multipurpose uses over and above Floristy!

Puriri Lane | Flower Frog | Uses

You can also get some ceramic vessels that now have them inbuilt - the one featured in the photo below was a Christmas gift to me from my friend Fiona who helps us in the gardens here at Puriri Lane - Fiona also works with me when we do our Floral workshops. You can see Fiona's ceramic work here on her Instagram page.  Get in touch if you want more information

Built In Flower Frogs - My bowl gifted to me by Fiona

Puriri Lane | Sustainable Floristry Mechanics | Floral Styling 

You can also improvise easily enough if you don't have a flower frog, by balling up a square piece of chicken wire. The ball should be large enough to press against the sides of the container and stay snugly in place. We use our floral tape to secure the wire in place like you see in our photo below making sure to place flowers strategically to hide the tape. If you don't have a flower frog to hand, you can use our florists tape and placing it in a grid pattern across your chosen vessel to assist with holding your flowers in place

Secure your chicken wire in place with floral tape

Puriri Lane | Floral Tape

You will find that you will need different flower frogs for different types of flowers and styles of arrangements.  The spiky kenzan variety are good for thin, flimsy stems. Flower frogs with holes are suited to the thicker stems such as tulips and lilies.  Hairpin frogs with wire loops are great for most flowers as well as branches with stiffer stems - you can also place flowers and branches horizontally with this style of flower frog. We have some floral frogs available for sale here.

Flower Frogs are a great tool for your floristry kit - be sure to check back in the coming weeks with more ideas and inspiration for sustainable floristry tips and tricks.



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    Hi Laurel – We do sell them – just type in Flower Frogs in the search box in the top left hand corner of the home page. Best of luck with your Floral Art entry – Deb

  • Laure'l

    Please can you advise where I can buy flower frogs from. I require 3 for my entry in… Floral Art Designer of the Year. Appreciate you.

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