Puriri Lane | Achillea millefolium | Weser River


We love Achillea here at Puriri Lane and grow every colour and variety that there is.

We love the fact that it needs little water once it is established and it even tolerates clay soils which we have plenty of here.  It is also a fantastic choice for cottage gardens, the very popular style of meadow gardening as well as being quite at home in a coastal garden.

Achillea millefolium | Butterscotch

Puriri Lane | Achillea millefolium | Butterscotch

Butterflies, bees and other pollinators rejoice when they find the flat landing pad flowers that come in both bright and pastel shades.  Their attractive flowers are a kaleidoscope of colours as they age fading gently over time.  Not only are they a great food source for our bees and butterflies they also make an excellent cut flower with some of the stronger colours drying particularly well as they hold their colour.

The foliage is also particularly attractive in the garden with its feathery look and some varieties such as Achillea millefolium Anthea  has a lovely grey green foliage. Achillea foliage provides an attractive backdrop for most flowers in the garden and mingles well as a contrasting foliage with ornamental grasses.

Achillea chrysocoma grandiflora  has beautiful striking large lime green foliage and tall spires with large white flower heads. 

Achillea chrysochroma grandiflora

Puriri Lane | Achillea chrysocoma grandiflora


Another beautiful white flowered variety is Achillea ageratum WB Childs which has beautiful glossy green foliage and large white single daisy like flowers that are about a cm in diameter and also a great variety for cutting.

Achillea ageratum WB Childs

Puriri Lane | Achillea ageratum | WB Childs

Achillea millefolium |  Feurland  in the gardens at Puriri Lane 

Puriri Lane | Achillea millefolium | Feurland

Simple to care for you simply cut the spent flowers back at the base or pick them when they are fully open and remove the foliage before placing into water - our stem strippers are just perfect for this job.  Achillea last 3-4 days in a vase and is beautiful used in wedding flowers and buttonholes.

Achillea ptarmica | The Pearl

Puriri Lane | Achillea ptarmica | The Pearl

To keep the plants flowering freely be sure to divide your clumps every 2-3 years or earlier if you find them getting too congested.

Choose from over twenty varieties - we have them all - you wont be disappointed- see our collection here.

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