Bee Aware Month | September 2020

Bee Aware Month | September 2020

September is Bee Aware Month

~ A month fully dedicated to celebrating our amazing Kiwi Bees ~

Puriri Lane | Bee Aware Month | Save Our Kiwi Bees


Apiculture New Zealand has been running Bee Aware Month for ten years, and it gets bigger and better each year! You too can also help spread the Bee Aware Month messages by using the hashtag #beeaheroNZ and follow them on Instagram and Facebook 


Here at Puriri Lane we run a Bee Mindful Workshop which is a morning all about planting and caring for bees with a honey tasting, honey themed morning tea and some great bee goodies to take home. Keep an eye out here  for when we do another one

Puriri Lane | Bee Aware Month | Save Our Kiwi Bees

Bees are now dependant upon humans to protect them so let's work together to do all we can to help them

Puriri Lane | Bee Aware Month

Love our Kiwi bees by:

Feeding our bees – Bees need food. Planting bee-friendly wildflowers is a simple, but very effective ways you can help improve bee health.  Well-nourished bees are more capable of fending off disease and parasites. Plant in groups of the same species for Bee appeal and plant flowers that will bloom across the seasons so there is always food available.  Why not plant your very own "Bee Garden" have a look at our fantastic Seed Bombs for Bees which contains a range of flowers that bees love chosen by Rudd Kleinpaste "The Bug Man" especially to attract bees to your garden.  

These fantastic seed bombs are in your goody bag when you attend our

Puriri Lae | Bee Aware Month | Bee Seed Bombs

The beautiful Angelica Gigas - a total bee magnet!Puriri Lane | Feed our Kiwi Bees | Angelica Gigas

Eating New Zealand honey – Our bees create a wide range of delicious, high quality honey.  By purchasing our New Zealand Honey you are not only choosing a healthier option for use in place of sugar, but you are also supporting our beekeepers who work hard to care for our bees and their environment.

🐝 What can you do to help our Bees? 

If you absolutely have to spray, spray safely – Choose bee-safe pesticides if you are spraying your garden or consider whether spraying is necessary at all. Pesticide misuse is killing our bees!

Don't spray plants when bees are present, either early in the morning or at sunset when bees are back in their hives.  

Provide fresh drinking water for our bees - make sure you give them something to clamber onto in the middle of the dish so they can get out if they happen to take a an unplanned dip!

Puriri Lane | Bee Aware Month | Save Our Kiwi Bees

We love our Kiwi Bees here at Puriri Lane and here are some of the fantastic bee products we have available here

Puriri Lane | Bee | Corten Steel

This little guy  above is  perfect for your bee garden and is made out of corten steel and available for sale 🐝  here


Not only great for dishes this tea towel would look fabulous framed or the perfect gift for a beekeeper 🐝  available here . This gorgeous tea towel is one of the lovely items in your goody bag when you attend our Bee Mindful Workshop.

Puriri Lane | Bees & Clover | Teatowel 

Spring is officially here, so have a great month in the garden and remember to do all you can for our humble little bees  

Thanks for your support with looking after these little guys - they need our help!


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