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The Potting Shed

 Potting sheds are as wide and varied as the people that own them and ours is no exception.  Having a penchant for anything vintage means that mine is filled with every vintage find that I cannot fit into our one-bedroom cottage.  I am in the process redesigning how everything is laid out in my shed - well I call it my shed it is a shared shed but 75% of the area is really my "She Shed" much to my husband's irritation!  For me, the area is really about expressing my eclectic style.

Puriri Lane | My Potting Shed | She Shed

 - Inside my shed -

Once viewed as simply a necessity used for functional purposes - to house garden tools and machinery, many garden and potting sheds now serve as an extension to the garden or as the focal point of the garden itself.  
Old is new again and vintage is in vogue and ours is decorated with antique garden tools, my potting shed sign which I stencilled to hang above the door and a jumble of terracotta pots, some planted and some empty and a selection of rabbits and birds for effect and I love it!
There are even competitions now for the best garden shed and TV programs dedicated to people showing off their sheds. My husband Clive has built another two sheds in other areas around the property that I am told are for him, but slowly but surely I am managing to add a splash of colour to the doors here and there plus odd vintage tool to hang on the door, and secretly I think he thinks they look great!

Puriri LAne | Shed Shed | Vintage Tools

Another one of our sheds that I painted the doors green and hung some old vintage tools. Clive made the doors for me.

 Sheds come in all types of shapes and sizes - I love the rustic look of this one which is just down the road from us

Be sure to check in on our blogs and you will see some of the work that we are doing to pimp up our other sheds along with other projects that we are working on around the property. Why not book a visit and come see for yourself what we are doing!


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