Autumn in the garden

Autumn in the garden

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year.  There's nothing quite like being in the garden on a misty autumn morning.  I love the mist and the way that the cobwebs sparkle on the plants and the thud of the apples as they fall to the ground from our heavily laden trees, a treat for our hens Henrietta and Bluebell.  The leaves are turning golden and falling from the trees and it is indeed a magical time but also a time for much preparation.
Puriri Lane - Autumnal pickings from The Cutting Garden
Now is the perfect time to plan your new garden or to make changes to your existing ones and to plant new perennials, shrubs and trees to get them settled in before the winter sets in.
April and May are an ideal time for lifting, dividing and moving plants to ensure that they are getting established before winter so that when spring comes they will have a great head start.
Speaking of spring, it’s now that spring flowering bulbs need to be planted. Why not treat yourself to some of our bluebells or pink bells which look beautiful planted en masse and will easily start to naturalise  - a perfect choice for wooded areas and of course tulips look great in pots. Seeing bulbs pop their heads through the soil is such a joy as you know that spring will soon be here again.
With all of the leaves falling it gives us another job to be done. Clearing leaves is a great way to stay fit – and warm!  Making your own leaf mold is a wonderful way to condition your soil and it is so easy to make. Put all of the wet leaves into one of our hessian sacks and leave it in a corner and forget about it, although an occasional shake of the bag is always good.... it's that simple!  Check back again and when the leaves are broken down you are good to go.

Top 5 Autumn tasks

  • Rake up fallen leaves from your lawn to prevent damage and make leaf mold 
  • Chill (those bulbs that need it)  and plant spring flowering bulbs into your garden and pots.
  • Plan your new gardens and choose new trees and shrubs which you can plant anytime now up until spring
  • Lift and divide any perennials that have outgrown their spot, this will help to reinvigorate them
  • Protect plants that are frost tender
Rake up fallen leaves and make leaf mold
Achillea millefolium in our garden in Autumn
Until next week....Have a great week

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