Puriri Lane | Growing Flowers | Niki Irvine

Growing Flowers | Niki Iriving

Everything you need to know about Planting, Harvesting & Arranging Beautiful Blooms

~ Niki Irving | Flourish Flower Farm ~

Just when you think you have enough books, here is another that you will want to add to your library! 

Puriri Lane | Growing Flowers | Niki Irving | Flourish Flower Farm

I am so impressed with this book as it covers in detail some of the topics that when we were trying to research growing on a small scale,  we struggled to find. This book is written based on Niki's experience and in a simple and easy way to understand.

Niki talks openly about the challenges that she faced when starting out as well the fact that finding information was pretty tough so she had to learn from experience and she hopes that by publishing this book that both Flower Farmers starting out as well as those just growing for home use or small scale selling will benefit from this book.

Whilst Niki is a Flower Farmer who also takes workshops and teaches you how to craft bouquets to gift or sell as well as for creating them to beautify your own home, it was the other information she shares really got me excited.

One of Niki's arrangements from her Facebook Page

Puriri Lane | Growing Flowers | NIki Irvine | Flourish Flower Farm

I was initially a bit skeptical as the book is for the Northern Hemisphere, but the information that Niki shares is quite generic so can also be applied to what we do here in New Zealand. I have detailed below just some of the varied topics she covers and have certainly added this to our library of must have books.

Growing Climates

Choosing and preparing your garden plot and considerations sun as drainage, sunlight, water and air circulation

Soil preparation 

This section includes using silage tarps to naturally prepare your soil for planting without using sprays, raised beds and No-till gardening. Soil testing as well as compost and the benefits of amending your soil.

Puriri Lane | Growing Flowers | Niki Irvine | Flourish Flower Farm


  • What to plant
  • Measuring your garden including sizes of paths
  • Planning your flower crop and a sample crop planning spreadsheet along with information about days to maturity
  • Plant hardiness
  • Succession Planning
  • Repeat Flowering plants
  • Planting for a balanced garden bouquet
Seed Starting & Planting
  • What you need
  • Growing and caring fro your seedlings
  • Hardening off
  • Transplanting into the garden
  • Planting bulbs
Growing Dahlias
Growing ranunculus and Anemone
Tending the Garden
  • Controlling Weeds
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilising
  • Plant Supports
  • Pinching Out
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Botrytis
  • Beneficial insects
Common Garden pests
  • Harvesting
  • Deadheading
  • Different floral techniques
... And lots more
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