Puriri Lane | Mid Winter Christmas

Mid Winter Christmas

The 25th of June is the 176th day of the year and perfect for a mid Winter Christmas!

Why not get together and have a hearty Christmas meal and decorate your home to complete the look.  Something simple is all you need without going all out, but we are in love with these new felted handmade decorations some of which have just arrived in store now which you can see below. Keep an eye out for our Christmas Tree Decorating Workshop which we will advertise a bit later in the year where you get to create your own tree and decorate it with some of our beautiful Én Gry & Sif decorations!

Our Hellebores are already starting to flower here at Puriri Lane and you can see some of them in the photo below.  We also have a lovely variety available called Camelot which you can find here. If you are going to pick Hellebores for the vase, be sure to dip the ends in boiling water which will help them to last longer in the vase and stop them from drooping. 

Puriri Lane | Helleborus Orientalis


We thought we would share this recipe below for Salty Caramel and Chocolate Christmas Bark - a yummy little sweet nibble great for  a mid winter Christmas or we make it at any time of the year!  You can also print this recipe out.

Én Gry & Sif 

Puriri Lane | Éng Gry & Sif | Danish Christmas Felted Decorations


Én Gry & Sif | Felted Robin & Snowball Wreath

Gorgeous for Christmas or even lovely just to use as a decoration during the winter months to hang on your wall.

Puriri Lane |  Éng Gry Sif | Felted Wreath | Robins
Designed by Danish sisters Gry and Sif, each piece is intricately made by hand from 100% New Zealand wool under World Fair Trade Organisation practices in Nepal. So it can truly be said that Éng Gry & Sif is a beautiful and thoughtful coming together of Denmark, Nepal and New Zealand – something to be very proud of.
When you consider that each piece is decorated by hand with the most delicate embroidered embellishments, they are something so wonderful to behold and treasure, and in time to pass down to the next generation.

These delightful bespoke pieces are each one of a kind and as  such there will always be small differences in every one. They will create such beautiful Christmas memories for the entire family for many years to come - a family heirloom we think!
Én Gry & Sif | Felted Robins
Puriri Lane | Éng Gry Sif | Felted Robins
Én Gry & Sif | Felted Bird Houses
Éng Gry Sif | Felted Bird House
Én Gry & Sif | Felted | Ice Skating Boots
Éng Gry Sif | Felted Ice Skates
Én Gry & Sif | Felted Toadstool
Puriri Lane | Éng Gry Sif | Felted |Toadstool
Én Gry & Sif | Felted Green Leaf Wreath 
Éng Gry Sif | Felted | Wreath
Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing our next Garden Journal post with you soon.

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