Planting by The Moon

Planting by The Moon

Have you already heard of moon-gardeners? Many gardeners swear that by planting by the moon you will have better flourishing of their plants and crops. Our Moon Calendar tells you what to do in the garden and when based on the right moon constellation.

As you already know, our tides are controlled by the moon, and at low tide the water is pulled out to the sea while the water is driven to the coast at high tide. The moon is also responsible for the strength of the tides. The tidal differences are much stronger at full-moon and new moon than they are at half-moon.

Gardening by the moon has been practiced through the ages by many indigenous cultures and gardeners know that some seeds and plants grow more effectively during some parts of the month in comparison to others.  This is due to the gravitational pull of the moon.  Just as the moon controls the tides it also controls how quickly seeds germinate and the rate at which they grow. The increase in moonlight directly influences how quickly and strongly seeds and plants grow.

The phases of the moon are divided into four quarters that last approximately seven days,  The four quarters are The New Moon and the First Quarter - these are known as the waxing moon which is an increased period of light and also a stronger flow of sap within plants.

The Full Moon and Last Quarter are referred to as the waning moon and this is when there is a decreased amount of light and the sap in the plants starts to flow downwards.

Our wonderful Moon Calendar is a fantastic tool by which to plant your crops, sow your seeds, fertilise your garden as well as many other tasks.  Our Moon calendar is a perpetual calendar meaning you will have it forever it is not an annual calendar.  We laminate ours as it gets so much use in the garden and we credit the fantastic healthy growth of our plants to the use of this calendar.

We have detailed below what you can do in the different phases of the moon but you can purchase our Moon Calendar here to ensure you know what to do and when to do it.


During the New Moon there is a strong gravitational pull and the light is increasing and this is the best time to plant green leafy crops.  It is also an excellent time to sow seeds.

The First Quarter is a period when the moonlight becomes stronger although the gravitational pull becomes less. This is a great time to plant most seedlings especially crops that have their seeds inside.

During the Full Moon the light starts to decrease and the sap in the plants starts to flow downwards meaning that this is a great time to both sow and plant all root vegetables as this a period of strong root growth.

The Last Quarter is a period of decreased light and decreased gravitational pull by the moon and this represents a time for rest so you should avoid seed sowing at this time.  It is however a great time to both prune, transplant and harvest plants.

With this easy to use calendar simply turn the date to when the New Moon is - you can find this information on the internet for each month and then simply turn the wheel to the date and it will tell you the best times to plant, sow, dig and grow!

Why not try it for yourself and see what you think - Our personal opinion ... we think it works and so do many of our customers.


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