Winter at Puriri Lane

Winter is one of my favourite seasons as the garden takes time to restore itself for its big spring relaunch.  We are busy cutting back Roses and Hydrangeas and dreaming big with what we want to do for this year!  We are about to undertake a big new project this year which has meant that we have had to remove about 50 metres of Leyland Cypress hedging.  The hedges were nearly thirty-five years old and had canker so their time had come.   The process was incredible to watch as the machine literally chopped the trees off at the base turned them sideways and put them into a huge mulcher. The end result is a rather large 60 cubic metre mulch pile which will eventually once it has broken down go to good use in the garden!

Next comes the hard work of preparing the ground for our new Cutting Garden which will be a mix of perennials and annuals.  Many of these flowers will be used for our new Garden to Vase Workshops that we will be starting in September which we will let you know more about soon.  But first, there is much work to be done to ensure that we have not only plants to sell to meet the increasing demand but also we now need a range of flowers for cutting which are growing away as we speak.

Puriri Lane | The Cutting Garden

Above the cutting garden is starting to take place with one side of the rabbit-proof fencing and wind protection up

Puriri Lane | The Cutting Garden

The finished garden area with pergolas that will have some climbing roses on them to pretty them up - all varieties that we use will be great for picking

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next post as we will be advertising our first nursery open days in August as have been overwhelmed with interest in visits since the article in the NZ House & Garden magazine in February. 

Until next time enjoy what has been a very mild winter - we have been so fortunate as this weather has meant that we can keep our exciting new garden projects on track.  Do get in touch if you would like to make a time to visit and keep an eye on our website as we will be putting more plants on very soon!

Debbie & Clive


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