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Seed Bombs | Edible Flowers

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Decorate your salads with flowers from our "Edible Flowers" selection.  Simply "Throw and Grow" -  Cast these seed bombs where you are wanting them to grow and up will pop a blend of Calendula, Cornflowers and Violas that will make your salads and desserts shine.

Each seed bomb is uniquely designed to preserve the seeds until the conditions are ready for germination.  They break apart on contact with moisture and contain all of the nutrients and organic materials needed to support germination.

This seed mix was created in conjunction with Steve Wratten who is the Professor for the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University and bug expert Rudd Kleinpaste.

They are packaged in a little reusable organic muslin drawstring bag and contain six seed bombs which will give you enough to create one square metre of culinary delight as well as helping our pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Made in New Zealand 

We also have seed bombs available for ButterfliesFlowers for Bees , Anzac Poppies , Ladybugs and Healing Herbs

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