Puriri Lane | Abutilon x hybridum | Voodoo
Puriri Lane | Abutilon x hybridum | Voodoo
Puriri Lane | Abutilon x hybridum | Voodoo
Puriri Lane | Abutilon x hybridum | Voodoo

Abutilon x hybridum | Voodoo

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Abutilons or Chinese lanterns are easy shrubs to grow and are particularly attractive with their 5 petalled flowers.   Plants form a dense bushy shrub adorned with lobed light green soft leaves that actually resemble maple leaves with attractive hanging lantern like flowers that start off looking like a closed parasol and then unfurl into crepe papery looking hanging bells from early summer and into autumn.

If you site your abutilon well it will look a stunning, the plants actually like a sheltered position from wind .  Whilst they perform to their best in full sun, they will prefer somewhere that gets some respite from the hot afternoon sun, so partial shade will be fine.  They require an average amount of water and more so in hot dry temperatures but we find mulch helps to retain the moisture, just keep it away from the stems. Pruning will help to keep your plant nice and bush and not leggy.  Removing spent flowers will encourage additional flowers.  These plants are adored by bees and butterflies.

Super easy to grow and actually pretty quick to form established plants, Voodoo has attractive deep plummy coloured flowers.  It is a close relative to the Hibiscus family but plants fit into.

Pruning :: Cut back any old-damaged portions of your plant just above a stem junction or an outward-facing node in late winter or early spring, once all danger of frost has passed and new growth has emerged. You can also prune off any other dead or diseased branches.

Shrub | Protect from heavy frost

Height up to 1.8m x 1m Wide - Prune to shape or height required

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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