Puriri Lane | Artemisia lactiflora
Puriri Lane | Artemisia lactiflora
Puriri Lane | Artemisia lactiflora
Puriri Lane | Artemisia lactiflora

Artemisia lactiflora

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Artemisia lactiflora (White Mugwort) resembles the delicate Astilbe  and is sought after for its stunning plumes of creamy-white flowers and elegant vertical lines. Sprays of flowers are held on slightly arching  but self supporting stems from late summer and into autumn.  Foliage is deep green, toothed and has silvery undersides.  

Artemisia lactiflora adds an airy feel to the garden and is a great foil for brighter coloured flowers. Typically Artemisia will reach from 1.2 - 1.5m in height and spreads up to about 90cm.  Artemisia looks stunning with the rich blues and purples of Asters such as 

Aster x frikartii | Mönch as well as the brilliantly coloured Echinaceas such as Prairie Splendor.

An excellent choice for the cutting garden as it cuts and lasts particularly well and also is great as a dried flower. Easy to grow, White Mugwort is drought tolerant once established as well as being a magnet for butterflies.  We have ours planted in more of a damp position which is fine but you may find in rich soil that you need to stake the plant.  Cut the plant back in early summer to prevent legginess and then cut back to the basal foliage in autumn.  Artemisia lactiflora is one of the few Artemisias that enjoys moist soil, but it does like good drainage. Recipient of the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society - Award of Garden Merit. 

Plants can be easily divided and should be every 3-4 years to maintain strong flowering.  Happy in full sun or partial shade.

Perennial | Fully hardy | Winter dormant

Height 1.2-1.5m x 0.6-0.9m Wide

Plant size PB2 | Equivalent 1.2 litres

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