Bulb Markers Bird | Set of 3
Bulb Markers Bird | Set of 3
Bulb Markers Bird | Set of 3

Bulb Markers Bird | Set of 3

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Have you ever been digging and thought "Oh no, I have just put the spade through my bulbs?" 

After many years of doing this, we came up with this little idea that looks sweet in the garden but also identifies the general area where my special deciduous bulbs are located so it serves as a reminder "Don't Dig Here"!!  I have also used them as decorations in my pots and also arranged them in bunches of flowers so they really are multi-purpose! 

Sold in a set of 3 tied - great for a gardener gift

Stainless steel | Height 47cm 

Height from tip of top of stem head to approx 5.5cm x Width 12.5cm 

Please note we make these by hand so the measurements may differ ever so slightly and each little bird may also differ ever so slightly too!

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