Puriri Lane | Cornus alba | Siberica
Puriri Lane | Cornus alba | Siberica
Puriri Lane | Cornus alba | Siberica

Cornus siberica | Alba

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Cornus siberica alba also known as Tatarian Dogwood will not disappoint!  When we get visitors to the gardens they always comment on this striking plant which is noted for is stunning bright red stems in winter.  Plants grow quickly and form multi-stemmed thickets of red stems that turn crimson in winter and radiate attractively from the base of the shrub. 

In spring flat topped clusters of small creamy white flowers about 6cm across appear and sometimes they will also appear occasionally in summer. Whilst the flowers are not overly showy they are very attractive to butterflies and pollinating insects.  Once flowers have finished normally by mid summer they have clusters of bluish white berries that appear that birdlife also love. Summer foliage is mid to dark green leaves that will turn to a stunning purple-red in autumn.

It is without doubt plain to see why this striking plant was the winner of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural society.

Cornus alba performs best in either full sun or partial shade and enjoys medium moisture levels  and is not fussy about soil conditions, but they do like a well-drained position.  The other great thing is that if you have a problem with rabbits they will leave this plant alone!

This stunning plant is the perfect choice to use in naturalistic plantings, garden borders, even as a an informal hedge or screen and is happy on banks or slopes as erosion control.

Whilst pruning is not required, please be aware that the best winter stem colour appears on new growth.  To maximise your display, cut the stems flush with the ground every 2-3 years in early spring, just as the leaf buds are starting to swell. Whilst this radical approach will mean that you will have a bare spot in the garden for a few weeks and the fact that the flowers and berries only appear on second year growth it will actually reinvigorate your plant.  Alternatively you could remove just a few stems if you did not want to be that tough on it!

This shrub has so many things to offer your garden from the stems to the autumn foliage to the berries and the creamy white flowers


Height 1.5m-2m x approximately 1m - 1.5m wide - trim to your requirements

PB2 | Equivalent 1.2 litres

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