Puriri Lane | Corydalis Flexuosa | China Blue
Puriri Lane | Corydalis Flexuosa | China Blue
Puriri Lane | Corydalis Flexuosa | China Blue

Corydalis flexuosa | China Blue

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This lovely perennial has the most beautiful blue flowers that have been described as being like a school of swimming fishes which I completely can see! From a base of lacy green leaves, the upright stems of flowers with dangling tubular flowers are held. Whilst best in areas with cooler temperatures, hotter areas will find that it goes dormant in mid-summer although my plants have not done that and we have had a very hot summer.  But as this can occur I make sure that I plant it to accommodate the fact that it may go dormant. It does prefer a shaded position and some consistent moisture so a covering of mulch helps with this. 

Plants can be easily divided in spring and ultimately spreads slowly to form a pretty patch of blue.  Flowers from early summer and as I write this ours are flowering still and we are in late March. A great cut flower.  After flowering, trimming back will ensure compact growth.

Height 30-40cm x Spread 35-40cm


Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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