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Cynara scoylmus | Purple de Jesi

Cynara scoylmus | Purple de Jesi

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We love using these in our perennial gardens due to the fabulous foliage and the striking globe-shaped flower buds that have an attractive rich deep green colour to them. The sharp spines that these plants normally have are almost totally eliminated on both the leaves and buds with this variety making it much easier to harvest if you wish to use them for eating.

The fleshy base of the petals and the meaty heart are the most edible parts. Buds are usually cut when 6-10cm in diameter. Vigorous and prolific plants grow up to 1.5m  in height but do not produced artichokes until their second and subsequent years -  we like to leave them where they are as they look so magnificent in the garden although we do cut some stems for the vase as they look amazing in an arrangement, which you can see in one of our photos. 

The medium large spineless flower buds have attractive green coloured burgundy tinged petals. These plants produce the small Artichokes the French and Italians eat 'cru' or raw when the heads are very young and tender, also good steamed. Plants are heat tolerant but mulch if temperature falls below freezing.

Matures second season from transplant

Perennial | Hardy

Height to 1.5m x 1m wide

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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