Puriri Lane | Dahlia| Cafe au Lait
Puriri Lane | Dahlia| Cafe au Lait

Dahlia | Cafe au Lait

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By far our most popular variety - the multi-award-winning Cafe au lait Dahlia is a simply stunning and has quickly become the go-to bridal flower.  This variety sells out in a flash so if you think you want one, don't delay.

The blooms are large at around 20-25cm held atop sturdy stems. Plants reach between  90-120cm.

Dahlias are very easy to grow and provide a rewarding display with very little effort. Plant the tubers with the main growing tips just below the surface of the soil. Firm the soil around the tubers, being careful not to damage them.

Prepare your garden beds well. Dahlias prefer well-drained, acidic loam but will grow relatively well in any soil as long as it isn’t too wet. Dig down approximately 20-30cm and amend the soil by adding compost to increase the porosity and nutrient density as dahlias are heavy feeders. Lay the tuber sprout-side up 7-8cm deep in a trench and cover it over with the prepared soil. Dahlias need to be kept weed-free. Mulch around the plants to prevent weeds and conserve moisture. Pinch back the terminal bud or the primary growing tip when the plant is about 40cm tall to enforce good branching and structure and increase budding. Provide plenty of water to your plants. Water plants deeply once or twice per week. Big dahlias will need a support structure such as mesh which is what we use or corral them in with twine to keep the heavy blooms from bending to the ground.

Fertilize monthly with water-soluble fertilizer  - we use Seasol a few times during the growing season. 

Height up to 1.2m

Price is for 1 Tuber

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