Puriri Lane | Dicentra scandens | Climbing Bleeding Heart
Puriri Lane | Dicentra scandens | Climbing Bleeding Heart

Dicentra scandens | Climbing Bleeding Heart

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We have not seen this beauty here so if you are a lover of Dicentra as I am, then add this climber to your collection.  Dicentra scandens which has very pretty little hanging lemon coloured heart-shaped flowers that hang amongst its ferny foliage  Planted with other shade lovers such as Ferns, Hostas and Hellebores, Dicentra adds charm and beauty to a woodland or shady area of the garden. Bleeding-heart adds a wow factor to your garden when it is fully grown. We grow our Dicentra through other shrubs and trees which flower at different times or you can make a teepee using our metal bird stakes to support it which also looks lovely. Dicentra prefers to be in the shade and enjoys a cooler climate, but can survive in hotter weather if kept moist constantly, we mulch ours and give the roots a cool root run in a shaded area and it is quite at home in our humid climate.  Dicentra scandens is naturally dormant in the summer, and the cooler your climate the more profusely it will flower.

Dicentra thrives in humus-rich, moisture-retentive soil. Keep it well watered during periods of drought especially if planted in a sunny position, drought conditions will result in the plant going into early dormancy.  Prolonged wet soil, however, can prove fatal so finding that perfect spot is important.  Once established, Bleeding Hearts have brittle roots and don't like disturbance, so take care when planting around its base. Flowers in spring and likes a shaded position which climbing through trees will provide.

After flowering, cut the plant down to around 15 cm, this will encourage new growth and often will produce a smaller crop of flowers in late summer or autumn.

We also have Dicentra eximia Alba and the very pretty Dicentra eximia

Height to around 3 metres x approximately 2 metres wide


Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent of 1.2 litres

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