Puriri Lane | Digitalis purpurea | Anne Redetsky

Digitalis purpurea | Anne Redetsky

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This is a showstopper of a Foxglove! Foxgloves thrive best in dappled shade and they are perfectly adapted to cope in sites where light varies throughout the day.

We can thank Gertrude Jekyll for making popular Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora which we also sell and which was an essential ingredient in her white planting schemes. Again, Foxgloves are having a resurgence in popularity.

Digitalis Anne Redetsky is a very pretty little plant with a rosette of green leaves like other foxgloves but the stunning creamy white flowers are actually have split bells that then reflex back to give an almost orchid-like appearance. Several elegant upright stems appear from the crown which gives an impressive and long-lasting show. If you are a foxglove fan as I am you will want to have this beauty in your garden.  

Biennial | Year one will see leaf growth, year two will see your plants flower, set seed and produce small plants which are easily relocated.

Please note: All parts of Foxgloves are poisonous if ingested. Wear gloves when harvesting and use caution around children and pets.

If you love Foxgloves, be sure to see our beautiful Jane Hogben Pottery from England featuring Foxgloves

Height with flowers to 90cm x 30cm Wide | Hardy

Plant Size PB2: Equivalent 1.2 litres

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