Puriri Lane | Digitalis purpurea f. Albiflora
Puriri Lane | Digitalis purpurea f. Albiflora
Puriri Lane | Digitalis purpurea f. Albiflora

Digitalis purpurea f. | Albiflora

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A traditional English woodland foxglove this is pure white and oh so elegant in the garden and very useful for lighting up a dark shady spot. Used back in the day by Gertrude Jekyll in her white plantings it sports large white spikes of flowers that have drooping blooms spring through summer. A perfect choice for the back of the border or a pot and they make a fabulous "bee hotel"! They are outstanding plants for their simplicity alone.

This variety was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit an indicator that it is a worthy choice for your garden.  Like all Foxgloves, it will self-sow but of course, can be easily transplanted if it pops up not quite where you want it.  Being biennial, it will put on leaf growth in the first year and then flower in the second, setting seed and dying back to be replaced with all the little self-sown seedlings to start the process all over again so you will always have this pretty Foxglove in your garden.

Partial to full shade in a well-drained position as Foxgloves will rot if they get wet feet.  Albiflora also makes a lovely cut flower.  If you love Foxgloves be sure to see our other beautiful varieties.

Height up to 1.2 metes with flower stems x 60cm Wide

Biennial | Will self-sow

Plant size: PB2 - equivalent 1.2 litres

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