Puriri Lane | Digitalis purpurea  | Pink Gin
Puriri Lane | Digitalis purpurea  | Pink Gin
Puriri Lane | Digitalis purpurea  | Pink Gin
Puriri Lane | Digitalis purpurea  | Pink Gin

Digitalis purpurea | Pink Gin

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If you are a Foxglove addict like me then you will love this one which we have not seen anywhere here yet.  Pink Gin makes a stunning addition to the garden but also makes a wonderful cut flower. When cutting Foxgloves, cut them when the flowers on the stem are one-third to one-half open. Leave the small unopened flowers at the tip attached, as this curl of buds gives the stem a hint of charm and the illusion of movement. The best time to cut is early in the morning before sun and wind have a chance to dry out the plants. Use a sharp knife to cut the stems. Cutting with hand pruners can pinch the stem and create an airlock which prevents their hollow stems from taking in water.  Put them into water immediately after cutting.

The Foxglove is a native of Europe and was known by the Anglo-Saxon name foxes glofa (the glove of the fox), as its flowers look like the fingers of a glove. This name is also thought to be related to a legend that bad fairies gave the blossoms to the fox to put on their feet so that they could get into the chook house unheard!  

CAUTION: Toxic if eaten

Height 1.2m x 45cm Wide | Will self sow

Biennial | First year is leaf growth with flowering in the second year.  Our plants will flower for you Spring 2019

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres 

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