Puriri Lane | Erysimum | Pastel Patchwork
Puriri Lane | Erysimum | Pastel Patchwork
Puriri Lane | Erysimum | Pastel Patchwork

Erysimum | Pastel Patchwork

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A perennial Wallflower, Pastel Patchwork is a  shrubby mid-sized newer cultivar with beautiful vintage profuse clusters of coloured pastel flowers in cream, lemon, pastel pink and apricot that are fragrant. Flowers fade as they age to very soft muted tones.

This wallflower is a perfect choice for a rock garden as it does like good drainage, or is just as happy at home in the border or containers.  As wallflowers do have a tendency to become woody, they benefit from a good prune to promote new growth and promote a bushy shape.  They like full sun and are drought tolerant once established.  Flowering can occur from mid-spring through late summer, although ours can often flower outside of these times.  These plants attract butterflies and actually make a good little cut flower.

Perennial | Evergreen

Height 60cm x 60cm Wide

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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