Puriri Lane Geum | Can-Can
Puriri Lane Geum | Can-Can
Puriri Lane | Geum | Can Can

Geum | Can Can

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Geum "Can-Can" is a fitting name for this little cutie which has ruffled petticoat-like petals in a soft yellow edged with peach.  The centres have a big boss of yellow stamens tipped with brown anthers all ringed around with the red styles in the middle. The backs of the flowers are just as pretty and are tinged with apricot with a dark red calyx and a red stem. 

Perfect in a pot, the garden or edging a garden path, this is truly a magic plant to have in your garden.  The flowers cut beautifully and last well in a vase. The more you cut, the more you will be rewarded with more flowers - what more could you ask for!

Whilst traditionally a plant found in moist areas, this little plant is more than happy in full sun or partial shade but a covering of mulch will help to give it some moisture although ours seem to cope in even the driest of summer conditions.  Flowering is spring through summer but if it loves its situation it can flower sporadically throughout the year.

Height 40cm with flower stems x 30cm spread

Perennial | Hardy

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent of 1.2 litres

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