Puriri Lane | Gilenia trifoliata
Puriri Lane | Gilenia |Trifoliata

Gilenia trifoliata

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Also known as Indian physic or Bowman's Root, Gilenia trifoliata is a bushy perennial that features red stems that float above the foliage with clusters of dainty delicate white starry flowers approximately 3-4cm in diameter that have contrasting red calyces.  When the flowers have finished the calyces remain so the plant remains quietly attractive for some weeks.

Flowering it late spring to early summer the foliage looks stunning in autumn as it turns an attractive red.

Gilenia performs best in either full sun or partial shade. Plants will prefer some respite from the hot afternoon sun.   It prefers moist humus rich soils but it is important that the soil is well drained.  If the soil is too rich, it may need staking. Looks stunning massed and is a perfect choice to include in your perennial border.  Plants can be divided in spring.

Hardy | Winter dormant

Height up to 1 metre x spreading

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