Glebionis coronaria
Glebionis coronaria

Glebionis coronaria

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Formerly called Chrysanthemum coronarium, this is an edible Chrysanthemum and is, in fact, an heirloom plant and is considered a vegetable!  Whilst many Chrysanthemums are in fact edible, the flavours can vary widely from sweet to bitter and even peppery, this one is quite mild in flavour. 

Also known as shungiko - meaning “Spring Chrysanthemum” - both the flowers and leaves are edible, especially the tender shoots and young leaves. Other names include

garland chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum greens, crown daisy and kikuna amongst others. The leaves are tender and slightly crunchy with mild, grassy, and sweet notes. The herbaceous flavour is similar to young mustard greens or spinach. 

The flowers certainly add a burst of sunshine to the garden and it is often commented upon asking what it is - we have planted it with purple flowers and we get so many comments on this pretty flower.

A short-lived perennial so you will get a few years from it but you can always capture seed Grow in full sun in a moist but well-drained soil.

Height to about 80cm x 45cm Wide


Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres


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