Puriri Lane | Gynura bicolor
Puriri Lane | Gynura bicolor
Puriri Lane | Gynura bicolor
Puriri Lane | Gynura bicolor
Puriri Lane | Gynura bicolor

Gynura bicolor

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Gynura bicolor is commonly known as Okinawa Spinach and is actually a native of Indonesia. Okinawa Spinach is also commercially grown in Asia as a green, although it is not a true spinach. Both the stems and the leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, and there is plenty of information to be found on line if you are wanting to grow it to eat. The top of the leaves are dark green and the undersides area stunning purple. This plant will thrive in pretty much any type of soil from clay to silt to sandy soils, and we just love the two tone foliage. Plants will thrive in any type of light other than full shade, but will perform best in full sun to partial shade. Okinawa Spinach is not a heavy feeder so is easy care and is relatively pest-free. 

Flowers are an orangey yellow and quite small, but you can easily remove these if they do not work with your colour scheme which is what we do! Flowers from late summer through autumn.

A perfect choice for mass planting, mixing into your perennial borders, edible gardens, a ground cover or even hanging baskets. Plant it where it will be protected from frost

Perennial | Frost tender

Height to 60cm x spreading

Plant size PB2 | Equivalent 1.2 litres   

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