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Helleborous corsicus

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This award winning Helleborus  corsicus | argutifolius is a lovely evergreen hellebore with large bowl shaped pale green nodding flowers approximately 5cm.  This variety blooms heavily on flower stems that rise above the large blue green leaves that are sharply toothed leaves.

This variety grows quickly in a clump and in ideal growing conditions may self sow.  Winter or Lenten Roses are tolerant of many conditions and will grow basically anywhere as long as their position is not extremely dry or continually waterlogged.  They are however quite drought tolerant once established and look fantastic naturalised under trees.  Remove faded flowers to discourage self sowing if you are worried about it. 

Hellebores make great cut flowers, but be sure to cut and immediately plunge their stems into boiling water to seal them to get a few days out of them in a vase, or alternatively float them in a  decorative bowl of water.  We have a lovely range of other Hellebores - Camelot, Jasper and others.

Perennial | Hardy 

Height with 70cm with flower stems clumping to around 60cm

Plant size PB2 | Equivalent 1.2 litres

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