Puriri Lane HIbiscus mutablis | Confederate Rose
Puriri Lane HIbiscus mutablis | Confederate Rose
Puriri Lane HIbiscus mutablis | Confederate Rose
Puriri Lane HIbiscus mutablis | Confederate Rose

Hibiscus mutabilis | Confederate Rose

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Also known as the Confederate Rose, the word mutabilis means the changeable rose as the flowers change from white through pink to a  deep rosy red colour all in one day.  Whilst our photos only show the white stage of flowering, we promise you that once it starts flowering it looks simply stunning with all of the flowers at different stages on the one bush. The leaves are an attractive rich green and are about 15cm across and once they unfurl in spring they become an attractive backdrop to these striking flowers. The double flowers are big at around 10-15cm and this plant will make a statement in your landscape, and will be the envy of your friends!

Flowering profusely in late summer right through autumn, this plant will have visitors to your garden in awe of its beauty.  This plant was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit and we can see why!

Happy in full sun to partial shade, this plant is best grown in average but well-drained soils. Plants should be watered during the growing season but once established, are quite drought tolerant.  

In cooler areas, it is likely to be killed off by the first hard freeze but will re-sprout with even more vigour the following spring, in warmer climates such as we have here the plants are deciduous but don't die back.

Whilst very little pruning is required, wait until winter before you begin pruning the confederate rose, use our ARS Secateurs for this job to ensure nice clean cuts.  Unless you live in a climate that doesn't experience frosts, this  large shrub or small tree will lose its leaves, and many of the stems will die back on their own once winter rolls around. Use disinfected pruning shears to cut back any remaining stems to a height of several inches above the ground. New shoots will appear along the base of the plant in spring, and it won't take long after that for the plant to flourish as it did the previous summer.

|Hardy | Deciduous | Small tree

Height 2m - 3.5m x 1.8 to 3m but you can prune it to keep it more compact but it does appreciate some space

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent of 1.2 litres

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