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Iris sibirica | Gulls Wing

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Siberian Irises are fantastic perennials that look stunning planted in large groupings.  Their attractive grass-like foliage consists of sturdy clumps of blade-shaped leaves with strong, tall flower stems that rise above to about 1 metre topped with pure white fowers.  Iris sibirica tends to flower from late spring to early summer which is earlier than the Japanese Irises but slightly later than the tall bearded irises. 

Easy to grow they perform at their best in full sun or partial shade in average medium to wet soils.  These plants are in fact drought tolerant but they do tend to perform at their best in moist soils - a layer of much will help to retain moisture.  Shade is tolerated but you may find that flowering is compromised and that the foliage tends to flop over. 

Be sure to divide the plants when necessary to ensure that the plants continue to flower prolifically - this is a great way to get some new plants and should be done in late summer after flowering.  Cut back the foliage to about 15 - 20 centimetres and divide the clump into sections with each division containing several fans of leaves and a good root system, replant and water in well. 

Iris also make great cut flowers - to ensure that they last well, cut your Iris early in the day with the buds just opening. Place them in a bucket of tepid water and recut the stem end underwater at an angle about 2-3cm up. These plants look fabulous planted with Orlaya grandiflora and Iris sibirica Ceasar's Brother

We also have available Iris sibirica | Silver Edge which has stunning rich sky blue flowers and Iris sibirica | Gulls Wing which is a beautiful white variety.

Height 90cm x spreading to 60cm 

Perennial | Hardy | Deciduous

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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