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Lonicera periclymenum | Beligica

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A beautiful scented early Dutch Honeysuckle - Lonicera periclymenum Beligica has massed of tubular white flowers, often marked with a soft yellow that are streaked raspberry red on the outside.  These attractive flowers appear from late spring to mid summer in fact ours often are still flowering into early autumn.  Once the flowers are finished these give way to red berries.  Beligica is a vigorous honeysuckle with dark green oval shaped leaves that are a bluish green underneath.  This climber will happily cover walls, fences, pergolas and provide you with a striking floral display.  Be sure to plant it near a house or window where the heady fragrance will waft through the house on warm evenings. A lovely choice for a cottage garden, a coastal or informal style garden. 

If you follow Floret Flower Farm you will see that they use a lot of Honeysuckle as it makes a wonderful addition to bouquets and lasts well in a vase.

This plant will grow up to 6 metres high by about 1.2 metres wide but can easily be trimmed.  It is more than happy in  full sun or part shade and is more than happy in a wide range of soils including clay and dry soils although its preferred growing conditions are a moist but well drained soil.  This lovely plant is in fact low maintenance in that minimal pruning is required but if you are going to prune it back, do so after flowering. These are great sized plants.

Deciduous  in colder climiates and semi-deciduous in warmer ones | Hardy

Plant size | 3.5 Litre

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