Lonicera periclymenum | Serotina

Lonicera periclymenum | Serotina

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This beautiful lonicera Serotina known also as Late Dutch Honeysuckle is a compact vine with stunning 4cm long tubular flowers.  The buds start out being crimson in colour and upon opening reveal magnificent creamy flowers with lemony coloured throats - the description rhubarb and custard colours has been used which sounds so delicious! 

Flowering occurs over a long period in succession from late spring right through until the first frosts.  The beautiful honey scented flowers will eventually give way to attractive translucent berries. The foliage is attractive and the leaves are dark green in colour and are a blue grey colour on the underside.  This is considered one of the best Honeysuckles due to its stunning flower colour combined with its magnificent scent.  If ever there was a Honeysuckle to have, we think this is the one and the fact that is has also won the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Garden of Merit means they do too!  If you follow Floret Flower Farm you will see that they use a lot of Honeysuckle as it makes a wonderful addition to bouquets and lasts well in a vase.

Serotina is a part shade lover and prefers a moist but well drained position.  This plant adapts to a wide range of soils including clay and dry soils once established but really does prefer moist soil, humus enriched soil. 

The perfect choice for a trellis, climbing up a wall or pergola or even a tree.  Minimal care is required but if wanting to prune for shape do so after flowering. Flowers are borne on laterals on previous years growth.

A perfect choice in a cottage garden, coastal garden and informal plantings. Please note this is not the weedy Japanese Honeysuckle which is classified as a pest plant.

Height can get from between 3 metres and upwards and about 90 -1.8m wide, but it can be pruned to requirements.

Climber | Deciduous or semi-deciduous depending on winter temperatures

Pot size 140mm | Equivalent 1.65 Litres

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