Nigella Damascena | Miss Jekyll Rose

Nigella Damascena | Miss Jekyll Rose

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Also known as  Love-In-A-Mist this pretty airy annual whilst fleeting will continue on as it sets copious amounts of seed that germinate in the autumn and overwinter as seedlings before flowering from spring to early summer.  After flowering, the plants immediately set beautiful seed pods before dispersing their seed to start the next generation.  The leaves of Love-In-A-Mist are bright green, fine and ferny.  These flowers are loved by the bees and make a great cut flower, and the seed pods a lovely dried flower. 

Fabulous as a filler between perennials, Love-In-A-Mist likes well-drained soil and are so easy to grow.  Full sun will give you the best results.

Height 30cm x 20cm Wide


Plant size: PB2- Equivalent to 1.2 litres

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