Puriri Lane Oxypetalum coeruleum | Tweedia | Heaven Born
Puriri Lane | Oxypetalum coeruleum | Tweedia | Heaven Born

Oxypetalum caerulea| Tweedia | Heaven Born

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Known to many by the name Tweedia this delightful plant is recognised for its clear, pale sky blue starry flowers which are long-lasting and make an excellent cut flower. Also a very useful food plant for butterflies. The stems have latex-like sap when cut that needs cauterising to seal, which you can use either a flame or dip the ends into boiling water.  This variety is particularly good for cutting as it has lovely long stems.

Tweedia has grey-green, downy heart-shaped leaves.  The long boat-shaped, green pods are filled with seeds that have downy parachute tufts like Dandelions which will float away in the breeze to land and find a new home to germinate.

Plant in full sun, in well-drained soil that is a little on the dry side. 
Reasonably frost hardy and easy to grow.


Height 60 -90cm with flower stems x 35cm Wide

Plant size PB2: Equivalent 1.2 litres                                    

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