Puriri Lane | Papaver Paeoniflorum | Peony Black
Puriri Lane | Papaver paeoniflorum | Peony Black
Puriri Lane | Papaver paeoniflorum | Peony Black

Papaver paeoniflorum | Peony Black

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Papaver paeoniflorum Peony Black is an easy-to-grow plant with billowing dark almost black fluffy flowers, with beautiful crinkled petals.

These plants are such showstoppers when they're in full bloom and will add a bit of architecture to your garden.

Peony poppies send up thick flower stems that rise above their lettuce leaf like basal leaves and can produce as many as ten nodding flower heads. When the flowers do burst, overnight, from their casings into this beautiful flower, they are then followed with the instantly recognisable Poppy seed head once the petals have dropped. 

These plants grow quickly and the first flowers appear in early December. The light green, pods are well-suited to floral arrangements and for drying. This annual variety will readily self-sow, so you will always have these stunning flowers popping up in the garden for years to come.

As poppies resent disturbance, we recommend cutting and removing the plant from the bag without disturbing the root ball and put it into position.  Poppies like a well-drained spot in full sun but you can also successfully grow them in pots.  Ensure that the plants are well watered to ensure that you maximise their flowering potential.

Poppies like manure, compost or bone meal ahead of planting, or you can use any organic fertiliser rich in nitrogen. Although these are hungry little feeders their dramatic flower show will be more than worth the care that you give them.

Height with flowers 1m x 40cm Wide 

Annual | Will self-sow | Hardy

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres 

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