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Phlox maculata | Omega

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An extremely pretty  fragrant phlox, Omega has small heads of white flowers with a soft dusky pin eye.  The leaves of this lovely plants are different to the leaves of our Phlox paniculata in that they are comparatively thinner and shinier, often with a red tinge to them.  A well drained position in full sun will produce an abundance of flowers. A layer of mulch will not only help to suppress weeds but will also assist with keeping up moisture levels. You can feed these plants annually in spring with a balanced fertiliser as you see the new growth emerging.

Flowering starts in early spring right through until late autumn. Cutting flowers for the vase or deadheading will ensure a lengthy display and encourage new flowers. Plants should be divided to maintain flowering vigour and this can be done in late autumn to early winter and this should be done every few years to maintain vigour and abundant flowering.

This plant may require staking , and you can use one of our garden stakes for this purpose which you can find here

This pretty plant looks wonderful planted in drifts and its sweet scent will permeate the air.

Perennial | Hardy 

Height to 1m x 0.5m Wide

Plant size PB2 | Equivalent 1.2 litres

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