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Phlox paniculata | Grandiflora

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Phlox paniculata grandiflora has beautiful snow white fragrant flowers and a long flowering season from summer until early autumn.  Phlox paniculata is a garden classic that is also loved by butterflies and bees for its nectar.  
These plants have an upright clumping growth habit with erect branched stems that can reach between 90cm to 1 metre in height.  Phlox paniculata grandiflora can cope with full sun or partial shade but in areas with hot summers, some respite from the hot afternoon will be appreciated as well as preventing the delicate flowers from possibly getting burnt.  A spot that has medium moisture well drained soils will provide the best growing conditions.  As plants can get powdery mildew good air circulation is appreciated and avoid overhead watering.  Mulching will also be appreciated to keep the root area cool.

An excellent choice for the perennial garden and looks stunning planted in drifts - also a beautiful cut flower. The long, stiff stems of garden phlox are easy to arrange in a vase, where they complement and help hold up other flowers such as dahlias and lilies. Be sure to cut some stems while some of the flowers are still in bud as this will extend their vase life. Deadheading or picking flowers for the vase will help to promote new flowers and prevent self sowing if this is something that you are concerned about.  Cut back the stems once flowering has finished in autumn.

Perennial | Hardy

Height up to 1m x clumping habit

Plant size PB2 | Equivalent 1.2 litres

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