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Mentha suaveolens Variegata | Pineapple Mint

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As the name ‘Variagata” suggests, the leaves of this cultivar of mint are variegated with creamy white instead of the solid green of the species. Pineapple mint is edible, so can be used to flavour tea, jelly or fruit salads, or as a colourful garnish. Although it can be used as a culinary herb, this variety is frequently grown just as an ornamental, and we use it a lot in the garden.

Like most mints, pineapple mint is a creeping plant that spreads from shallow underground rhizomes. Clumps can grow up to 70cm tall with an unlimited spread! The foliage tends to remain dense right to the ground, not dropping its lower leaves like many other mints, so it is great to hide the bare stems of other plants. Great for using in floral work. 

Height 90cm x Spreading


Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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