Puriri Lane | Pulmonaria | Majeste
Puriri Lane | Pulmonaria | Majeste
Puriri Lane | Pulmonaria | Majeste

Pulmonaria | Majeste

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This striking Pulmonaria variety has solid silvery-grey leaves with a very narrow green margin. It's simply luminous and will lighten up any heavily shaded areas. In late spring, light pink buds pop open to reveal darker bluish-pink flower bells.

In our opinion, Pulmonaria is an underused perennial that is especially attractive when planted among hostas and ferns, and you don't often see this one around.  Its flowers are among the most brilliantly coloured blossoms of all perennials.  Foliage is excellent to use in floral work.  Clumps bulk up relatively quickly and are easily split in late summer to early autumn to provide you with more plants.  Each division should have several leaves and a portion of the root system.  Although a short-lived perennial lasting between 3-5 years, dividing your plants will ensure that you always have this beauty. Super tough and hardy in all climates.

Perennial | Hardy 

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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