Puriri Lane | Rhubarb | Crimson Crumble
Puriri Lane | Rhubarb | Crimson Crumble
Puriri Lane | Rhubarb | Crimson Crumble
Puriri Lane | Rhubarb | Crimson Crumble

Rhubarb | Crimson Crumble

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This is the BEST Rhubarb we have ever eaten and we sell so much of it as it is a variety that bulks up really quickly, the stems are not too thick nor too thin in fact they are just perfect!

This Rhubarb is wonderful cut into batons, washed and then sprinkled with raw caster sugar and put onto some brown parchment baking paper and put into the oven at about 120 degrees Celcius and cooked until just tender.  It retains its shape really well so is perfect for baking and using for topping tarts.  Even if you are wanting to just boil it up with some apples or stew it on its own, we find you hardly need to use any sugar at all, not like some of the older varieties.  It is also the prettiest of pale pinks when cooked not green!

The one thing about Rhubarb is that it is a gross feeder so we feed ours lots of sheep manure to keep it bulked up.   Check out the journal for our scrumptious rhubarb crumble recipe lovely with some custard, cream or Lewis Road Creamery Hokey Pokey ice cream of if you are like me...all three!

Plants can be split in Autumn once they have bulked up and you can give them to your friends along with our recipe! Spring is the perfect time to plant but you can read more about planting and feeding on our blog.


Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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