Puriri Lane | Salvia elegans | Pineapple Sage
Puriri Lane | Salvia elegans | Pineapple Sage
Puriri Lane | Salvia elegans | Pineapple Sage

Salvia elegans | Pineapple Sage

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Pineapple Sage or Salvia elegans is an underrated plant in both the herb garden and the borders.  It doesn't need much attention but has a lot to offer. Pineapple Sage has striking leaves are a delicate shade of green all summer long. It produces slender, trumpet-shaped red flowers that attract butterflies and bees.

Did I mention that it really does smell like pineapple?  Pineapple sage has quite a few uses, too. It makes a very tasty cold or hot tea. It can be chopped into fruit and vegetable salads.  It also has beautiful, edible flowers that have a sweet taste. A sprig of pineapple sage as a garnish can make a dish of ice cream or a slice of cheesecake look almost decadent.  In addition to all of this, it also makes an excellent cut flower and is easily propagated via root cuttings.

Pineapple Sage is perennial and flowers flat out from later summer and often into early winter if it is mild.  Slightly frost tender,  so plant in a sheltered spot, or cut down after flowering and mulch to keep it protected for the winter and it will come away again in spring.

Height to 1m x 1m Wide


Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres 

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