Puriri Lane | Salvia Iodantha | Mexican Fuchsia Sage

Salvia Iodantha| Mexican Fuchsia Sage

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This is a fantastic addition to the garden for a splash of colour in the dark depths of winter.   Flowering begins in autumn and through June and into July and is a key feature in our jewel gardens here at Puriri Lane.  The flowers are a striking magenta and have a beautiful velvety look and texture to them.  The plant is described as being scandent meaning it is a climber and the plants definitely need some support as the stems are tall and become too heavy to hold themselves upright.  Ours get support from surrounding shrubs and tree branches that they can lean themselves up against. 

After flowering, stems can be cut back, although if you are frost prone be careful as new growth can get burnt.  We tend to cut back once frosts have passed in spring to avoid this happening, and to encourage bushier growth.

Iodantha tolerates partial shade but really requires no less than six hours of sun to perform to its best.  It is an ideal background plant with its height getting up to 1.8 metres. It likes a well-drained position and some protection from strong winds. Fast growing.

Height 1.8 x 1.2m Wide | Requires support 


Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres


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