Puriri Lane | Salvia pratensis | Twilight Serenade
Puriri Lane | Salvia pratensis | Twilight Serenade

Salvia pratensis | Twilight Serenade

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Meadow Sage as it is also known is useful for its rich display of spikes in the early summer garden. This selection forms a tight rosette of medium green wrinkly leaves with deep violet-blue flowers.  Removing spent flowers will encourage reblooming. Salvia pratensis Twilight is excellent for cutting and is attractive to both butterflies and bees, The great thing is that this salvia tolerates heat and humidity but appreciates a soil that does not dry out, so a layer of mulch is beneficial.  In mild winter regions this tends to stay evergreen but should be trimmed back hard in early spring. Plants may be easily divided in early spring or autumn. 
Enjoys full sun and is not overly picky about soil type and even tolerates clay.

Height 45cm-50cm with flower stems x 35cm Wide

Perennial | Hardy

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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