Puriri Lane | Salvia Waverley
Puriri Lane | Salvia Waverley

Salvia | Waverley

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Salvia "Waverley" is one of our must-have Salvias.  It is quick growing and has striking foliage and flowers, three traits that make it a firm favourite with gardeners although it is not that often seen these days. Salvia Waverley is a particularly long flowering with beautiful pale pink to lavender blush flowers on long arching stems with deep purple calyxes which make for a stunning combination.  The leaves are also particularly attractive being a mid-green and textured. 

Waverley does enjoy a sunny spot but will cope with some shade which is where we have our and it flowers its little heart out! It grows well in well-draining soils and is particularly tolerant of dry conditions once established. A great plant to add bulk to a border as well as being a quick grower so great for new gardens.  Prune by half after the main flowering period and then tidy up early spring to remove old stems and reveal the new growth.  You can also apply a slow-release fertiliser in Spring. Loved by bees and birds

Height 1.4-1.4 x 1.2m Wide


Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres


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