Puriri Lane | Sedum spectabile | Stardust
Puriri Lane | Sedum spectabile | Stardust
Puriri Lane | Sedum spectabile | Stardust

Sedum spectabile | Stardust

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We just love Sedum Stardust and you don't see it very often, it is an upright variety of stonecrop as it is also known.  Sedums are a fantastic plant and are extremely tolerant of sandy or gravelly soil as well as dry conditions so make an excellent subject for a rock garden or any position in your garden as long as it is well drained and sunny. No fertilising is necessary.

The leaves are fleshy and succulent like and the first flowers appear in autumn with flat heads of flowers that start of green and open to a pure white. Bees and Bumblebees love the flowers of this plant. Can also be used as cut flowers.

You can cut the flower stems down in autumn or they can also be left on the plant to provide winter interest and birds will feed on the dried flower heads.  Plants can be divided in spring if they become woody and overgrown. Sedums tolerate a wide range of temperatures thriving in extreme heat and often they continue to flower right up until the first frosts.  Sedums are very hardy and can cope with freezing temperatures.

Perennial | Deciduous | Hardy 

Height to 40cm x 40cm spreading

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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