Spirea cantoniensis | Reeves spirea

Spirea cantoniensis | Reeves spirea

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Spirea cantoniensis also known as the may bush is a semi-deciduous shrub that has graceful arching stems of frothy pure white flowers.  In spring this plant will get lots of comments as the flower stems look like a pure white waterfall - stunning!  It looks at its best when its long branches are allowed to arch over, so sufficient space should be given to allow it to achieve this natural form.

The leaves are small and lanceolate in shape.  They are soft to the touch with a variably serrated margin. The leaves are an attractive mid-green colour and in autumn turn shades of yellowish red.  If you live in a cold climate the plant will be fully deciduous.

This shrub used to be a very popular choice , but over time has become one that is not often seen these days, but it is certainly worthy of a place in the gardens as it is not only fast growing it is perfect for filling a space in the border.  

Also a great choice for coastal gardens and once it has become established, it will tolerate frost, neglect and drought!  Of the species of Spiraea this variety is considered to be the most suited to warmer climates with the added advantage of making a great informal hedge or screen. Trim after flowering to maintain shape.  If the plant becomes too woody for your liking it is easily reinvigorated, simply cut the canes down to almost ground level - leave this task until early spring so the new growth will appear within a couple of weeks. You can prune in winter but the cane stumps will remain bare until spring. Branches are fabulous for cutting! Happy is sandy or clay soils.

Prefers full sun and well-drained soil. In hotter areas this plant will appreciate some respite from the hot afternoon sun as the leaves will burn.

Hardy once established | Winter dormant in colder climates

Height 2m x 2.5m Wide

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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