Puriri Lane | Stokesia laevis | Peachies Pick
Puriri Lane | Stokesia laevis | Peachies Pick

Stokesia laevis | Peachies Pick

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This variety of Stokesia also known as Stokes Aster is actually a North American native wildflower which has beautiful lavender-blue flowers that are shaggy not unlike a cornflower.  The plant is actually named after the plantswoman Peachie Saxton from Mississippi who discovered it.  This evergreen perennial is stunning in the garden is both drought tolerant once established as well as being frost tolerant. 

Stokes’ Aster is actually a North American native wildflower that is a wonderful addition to the sunny border. The upright growth habit and attractive green foliage may remain evergreen in mild winter areas. Tolerant of hot, humid summer climates it is also loved by butterflies. Stokesia laevis requires good drainage, particularly in the winter, so a raised bed or rock garden can be a perfect spot for it. Also a good candidate for mixed containers. Remove faded flowers to encourage more buds 

"Peachies Pick" is also a great addition to the cutting garden with its long stems and can last up to a week in the vase. Can be split after a few years to provide you with additional plants and to ensure continual flowering.

Height with flowers to 45cm x spread of 60cm

Perennial | Hardy

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres


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