Puriri Lane | Symphytum | Comfrey
Puriri Lane | Symphytum | Comfrey
Puriri Lane | Symphytum | Comfrey

Symphytum | Comfrey

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Comfrey is a very hard working herb here at Puriri Lane and one that many organic gardeners swear by. Comfrey grows a very deep tap root that can penetrate soil down to 3 metres and this enables it to draw minerals back up to its foliage. As a result of this deep tap root, comfrey is rich in potassium, an essential nutrient to create strong healthy growth in many plants – it is especially beneficial to gross feeding plants such as potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes. We remove the leaves from the plant and then line our potatoes trenches before potatoes.  The leaves also make an effective mulch at the base of tomato plants.  We also add leaves to our compost bin as it acts as an ‘activator’ to get things decomposing. We also use our comfrey leaves to make a useful liquid called "Comfrey Tea" by adding leaves and sheep manure into a big barrel with a tap on it which we then filter off when we need it and mix with water until it is a pale tea colour and our plants love it!

Caution: The challenge with comfrey is often more one of how to get rid of it in a garden rather than how to get it growing, as once you have it you will always have it!  Ours came with our property when we purchased it!  Any minuscule parts of the root left in the soil are likely to re-grow. For this reason, we plant ours in a wine barrel where we can keep it under control. If planting in the ground, comfrey is usually paced beneath fruit trees in an orchard where its rampant growth is less likely to be an issue, although we do sell a smaller more well-behaved variety that we use under our fruit trees and as a ground cover as it does have wonderful flowers that bees go crazy for.

Perennial | Hardy

Height 0.7m x Spreading!

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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