Puriri Lane | Valerian officinalis
Puriri Lane | Valerian officinalis

Valerian officinalis

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Valerian Officinalis is also known as garden heliotrope or common garden Valerian is a fleshy clump-forming herb, however, its beautiful white scented flowers that are so delicately touched with a dusting of soft pink make it a stand out plant for the border as well as being an excellent subject for cutting and drying.

The lightly vanilla-scented flowers are produced from late spring to early summer. Plants will need to be positioned in full sun to produce tall strong flower stems - too much shade and they will be floppy and require staking.  Valerian Officinalis will self sow so if you do not want this to happen, be sure to deadhead.  Plants also like to be kept moist so mulching will also help retain moisture.

A perfect choice for the cottage garden or herbal garden, valerian is wonderful to plant as it attracts pollinators such as butterflies and moths to the garden.

Height to 1.5m x 90cm Wide

Perennial | Hardy | Winter Dormant

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent of 1.2 litres

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