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WEEDX | Natural Biodegradable Weed Control

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We are conscious of the environment and are often asked what we use to control weeds. You can spray weeds with peace of mind. This product is available in a ready-to-spray trigger pack for domestic use and is also used in the commercial horticulture industry.

We use WeedX which is a New Zealand made weed controller that is TOTALLY bio-degradable. It is totally natural as well as being biodegradable in soil, water and the atmosphere and we give this the big thumbs up!  It has a FAST knockdown on weeds and is so effective that it works all year round.

It is also totally safe around your children and pets so you cant get better than that!

WEEDX is a contact spray and it will burn all green foliage (non-selective).  It is a blend of Acetic acid (Vinegar) and Citric Acid - both natural products.

It is best suited to most weeds when they are small along with moss, lichen, liverwort, broadleaf dandelions and plantain.

It is an excellent choice for garden edges under hedges, paths and driveways and can also be used to assist you to get your vege garden ready to plant.  Just allow 24 hours before planting for the soil pH levels to rebalance themselves.

For additional information be sure to read the label on the pack.

Pack size | 750ml trigger pack

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