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Wildflower Seed Bombs | Snow White Mix

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These gorgeous packets of Seed Bombs by Wild Little Bunch are a fun and easy way to grow wildflowers without really gardening.   

Too many gardens and green spaces are lacking in colour or fun. Seed bombs (a.k.a. seed balls) are a fun way to grow wildflowers, minus the gardening. You simply scatter or throw, make sure the seeds are watered and voila, wildflowers.

Requiring little gardening effort, fertilising and no pesticides or herbicides - wildflowers have to be the perfect backyard addition. They’re great for beginner gardeners, the green fingered or guerrilla gardeners.

As well as their low maintenance, easy going ways and charming good looks, wildflowers offer some pretty amazing benefits:

  • wildflowers provide critical habitats for pollinators and insects. Creating and maintaining important ecosystems. The bees, butterflies and lady bugs will love you for it. They’ll pollinate your garden and keep pesky insects in check

  • they prevent soil erosion

  • wildflowers can grow in poor soil conditions where other plants couldn’t thrive

Seed Bombs give the seeds everything they need to flourish. Wild Little Bunch seed bombs are made by hand in small batches from wildflower seeds, seed mix and clay

Seed Bombs are the perfect gift for any gardener or flower lover

Wild Little Bunch packaging is compostable so after you’re thrown your seed bombs, add the packet your home compost and soon it will be nurturing your garden


STEP 1. Break up bombs & scatter over prepared soil, or throw the bombs into your garden

STEP 2. Time the scattering with some good levels of rainfall which will give the seed bombs a good soak

STEP 3. Continue to ensure your seeds get plenty of water while getting established (at least a few weeks) and watch them grow!

Shady Lady Mix 1. is happy in partial shade to full sun.
Wildflowers need reasonable levels of moisture and light to flourish and will grow happily in most soils

Shady Lady Mix 1 contains 6 seed bombs containing the following flowers:

  • Poppy
  • Cosmos
  • Forget Me Not
  • Zinnia | Giant
  • Echinacea + more

Made locally

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